Mass Markets was founded in September 2015 by Anthony Marlowe after MCI, LC, a wholly owned Iowa City Capital Partners, LC Company acquired TMone, LLC. The company, headquartered in Iowa City, Iowa, is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) call center firm and provider of Cloud Computing, Managed Information Systems (MIS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS). 
Mass Markets primarily provides aggregated, compiled, developed, licensed, hosted and private label software systems for use by government, educational, nonprofit and private enterprises and other groups to be used for encrypted communication with customers, members, students, constituency, prospects, subscribers and more.  

Mass Markets offers a variety of competitive pricing options to allow clients to tailor costs to their exact needs. These include subscription-based, usage-based, per hour, and market determined pricing for communication services, Platform as a Service (PAAS), software, and Software as a Service (SAAS) products and services, which are also augmented by various levels of temporary or permanent human capital provided by front and back office business process outsourcing (BPO) contracted staff and field personnel located primarily within the United States. 

Mass Markets' customers utilize Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) products and services and Big Database as a Service (BDBAAS) services. Mass Markets uniquely offers Education Software as a Service (ESAAS) models such as role-play and immersive simulation for each of its products and services. 

The company is equipped with four state-of-the-art facilities across the Midwestern United States with the capacity for 1,500 employees and currently has nearly 500 people on staff. The company also maintains relationships and co-location with strategic data center partners in Iowa. 

MASS MARKETS An MCI Company (http://mci.world)

2937 Sierra Ct. SW

Iowa City, IA 52240


Phone: +1.3195419694

E-mail: marlowe@massmarkets.com