A Day in the Life

Start your week with Magnificent Mondays where we go the extra mile to help you shake off the weekend. Grab a quick bite at our Avanti market and then settle into your own desk. All of our facilities are new or have been remodeled in the last two years so enjoy that new chair, new small form factor computer and the super nice and unique office environment. Catch up on employee events and new information on Mass Markets TV and visit the employee corner on our newly re-designed intranet for the latest in recognition. Have something to tell us? "Tell Us What's Up" using the quick web form to get instant executive attention to your idea or suggestion. Witness someone doing something right? Send a "Kudos" to ensure they get the recognition they deserve. Close out your week with Fun Fridays, you never know what special incentive or perk might be on the docket.
Employee Experience

Mass Markets work-life is centered on our employees. Our core philosophy includes playing at work in addition to being there for our customers and co-workers, having great attitudes and making peoples day. There are regularly planned monthly fun events, monthly and bi-annual recognition programs and plenty of high fives day to day. Each of our locations have been recently remodeled so our team enjoys a clean and updated facility. If you are looking for a dull work environment, look elsewhere.

We offer a variety of health insurance options so you can choose a plan that best meets your lifestyle. Our options include medical, dental and vision. All of our employees also have access to a number of supplemental offers including life insurance, short term disability, long term disability and more to ensure you and your family have peace of mind. Insurance at Mass Markets becomes available to new employees on the first of the month following the first 30 days of employment.
Money Wise

We offer an employee stock contract to full-time employees to share ownership and achievement in the company. We also provide access to several financial services to help our employees with retirement planning. Our career progression model provides our loyal employees with a clear path for regular increases in their compensation package. At Mass Markets we understand that many people are looking to move up in their career so we always look internally first when new job opportunities arise.

Our employees have access to discounts on mobile phone plans, automotive discounts, electronics discounts, travel discounts, event tickets and more! Our management team is consistently developing fun and exciting performance driven contests with rewards that include food, electronics, dress down and even time off. Our dress code is relaxed business casual and everyone gets plenty of Mass Markets company attire.
Taking Time Off

We believe in work-life balance. All of our employees accrue paid time off and we want you to use it! Mass Markets believes in a healthy dose of rest and relaxation to keep our employees sharp and at their best. Our PTO program is highly competitive and provides our staff with time to account for those inevitable situations where an emergency may not provide you the luxury of planning ahead. Unlike many organizations, time-off at Mass Markets is an expectation for our staff and think it is only fair that you are allowed to carry forward up to a 40 hours of PTO into the next year.
Learning and Development

Mass Markets offers continuous improvement trainings to ensure you are constantly growing in your role and skill-set. Our Practices for Results in Sales and Service Manager (PRISSM) provides interested employees clear trajectory for promotion to management positions. Our GENESIS orientation and new hire training program will set you up for success in your new job and ensure that you have both the tools and the contacts feel good about the job.

What Does Mass Markets Do...


Mass Markets is end to end. We provide technology, human resources, business process support, analytics, consulting expertise and more. Our unique Anything As-a-Service (XAAS) offering allows our partners to fully and immediately capitalize on business acceleration in a fraction of the time compared to traditional captive deployment without compromising exceptional performance.




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