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Are all of the Mass Markets contact centers located in the United States?

All Mass Markets contact centers are located in the US.   We have two offices in Iowa and two in South Dakota.  The locations are geographically diverse to provide business continuity for large projects but are also strategically located in areas with neutral accents and strong labor pools.  Another advantage of the Midwest footprint is it allows us to pass a meaningful cost advantage on to our clients.  

How hard is it to get an inbound or outbound call center project started with Mass Markets?

One of the things that we consider part of “The Mass Markets Advantage,” is that we put a premium on making it easy to launch new projects with our company.  We realize that outsourcing complex and critical business processes can seem overwhelming so we have designed our sales and project management process to simplify new deployment for our clients.   In any new project, our goal is to fully understand and execute on your vision while providing a level of support that allows you and your team to focus on the big picture. 

What type of industries do you have experience servicing?

With over 15 years of experience in contact center outsourcing, our team has worked on behalf of a wide range of industries.  Every project, business process, client and vertical that we work on has a unique set of requirements and there is valuable knowledge garnered through each of these engagements.  We have significant experience providing voice and digital call center services to the financial services, telecom, retail, real estate, publishing, software, insurance, automotive, healthcare, government, political, energy, and hospitality industries. 

Are you affiliated with TMone?

Mass Markets was originally founded as TMone in 2003 and operated under the TMone brand until 2012.  In 2015, an acquisition rebranded us as Mass Markets however our legal name remains TMone, LC. 

How long does it take to get a new project up and running?

We pride ourselves on being able to move quickly when needed and can get some new projects off the ground in a matter of days or weeks when needed.  For larger and more complex projects we prefer to utilize a structured project deployment plan that generally takes between three and six weeks.  We are capable of fast-tracking and crashing projects when the timeline is tight but most clients prefer to utilize our typical project lifecycle when able. 

What type of call center technology do you use?

In addition to being a business process outsourcing provider, Mass Markets is also a software, managed services, and development company with our own proprietary cloud SAS enterprise contact center platform (GravisApps).  We also leverage and integrate a host of other software platforms including Salesforce CRM, LivePerson, Five9 and many other technologies, each filling specific purpose.  One of the advantages of utilizing Mass Markets is both our proprietary technology and the host of other integrated systems and software we have in the toolbox. 

Do you have bilingual agents?

We actively recruit bilingual talent constantly and always have both an existing bilingual agent pool and a talent pool of qualified applicants residing in our applicant tracking system database that we can call on should the need exceed our existing base.  There are several of our sites that are better than other for bilingual deployments so if you have this requirement, let us know early in the process and we will ensure that this need is met. 

Do you do seasonal projects? How do you staff them?

We realize that one of the reasons why companies outsource is to account for the ebbs and flows of seasonal call and chat volume and have a track record of impressive seasonal staffing.  Staffing up large-scale seasonal projects well is something that only a few in our industry have truly mastered and we have invested heavily in talent acquisition tools and processes that allow us to meet the seasonal staffing requirement of our customers.  

Do you have any size minimums for new projects?

We don’t have a strict minimum headcount in place, however, we do have to carefully weigh how we price and deploy smaller projects to ensure they are successful for both Mass Markets and our customers.  We have projects that range in size from 5 agents to 400 agents, each one unique in their requirement.  We have multiple methods for sizing, placing, and remuneration of every size and type of project and are happy to consult on any project that we can do a great job on. 

What type of contact center work is Mass Markets specialty?

We have serviced so many types of projects over the year that it is hard to pin down one type, however, we are known for our ability to execute on complex, difficult business processes that other providers have failed to execute well.  These projects often require innovative problem solving, integration, analytical prowess, and a high caliber of front-line and support staff talent.  That said, we make it a point to specialize in ANY project type that we are executing for our customers, this is part of “The Mass Markets Advantage.”



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