Mass Markets on 2017 Inc. Fastest Growing List, Hiring 100 More

Mass Markets on 2017 Inc. Fastest Growing List, Hiring 100 More

Iowa City, Iowa  August 21, 2017 — Mass Markets, an American-based digital Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm specializing in call center customer relationship management (CRM) and customer service selling (CSS) announced today that it had been named to Inc. Magazine’s exclusive ranking of the Fastest Growing Private Companies. This announcement coincides with Mass Markets’ latest initiative to hire 100 new employees in the Iowa City, Iowa location.

“This is our first time back on the list since the divestiture of TMone and subsequent rebrand to Mass Markets contemporaneous with the repurchase. This marks the ninth time this team and company, through all the iterations, has earned this formal recognition by Inc. Magazine. We plan on making it a tenth time one day,” said Anthony Marlowe, CEO of Mass Markets.

Mass Markets’ overall ranking is #2445 of America’s 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies, ranking in the top half of this year’s recipients. For the Business Services & Products industry category, Mass Markets is ranked #13 in the USA and ranked #1 in Iowa. Over the past three years, Mass Markets has grown 146%.

“Mass Markets now shares a pedigree with Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour, Microsoft, GoPro, Timberland, Clif Bar, Patagonia, Oracle, Box, Grubhub, and dozens of other alumni that have gone onto become household names,” said Eric Schurenberg, President, and Editor in Chief of Inc. Media.

Starting this month, August 2017, Mass Markets plans to hire 100 new full-time employees in their Iowa City location, bringing more business to the Johnson County area. These new hires will include front-line employees as well as leadership and support roles to provide service for Mass Markets’ latest Fortune 500 client.

“Bringing on the best people that believe in the vision, understand the strategy and work their ass off is the only way we can sustain this growth trajectory. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised at just how big this company and our affiliates will become in the coming year,” said Anthony Marlowe, CEO of Mass Markets.

Mass Markets Recognition Highlights from Inc. Magazine:

  • #2445 on Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies, #13 in Iowa
  • In the Business Services & Products Industry, #1 in Iowa, #13 in USA
  • Recognized for the 9th time, 1st time since repurchase
  • Hiring 100 employees in Iowa City, IA facility fall of 2017
  • Positions will be front line, leadership, and support roles


Mass Markets executes domestic inbound, and outbound contact center services, telesales and omnichannel customer service (phone, text, chat, e-mail, and social). With a team of sales and service experts thriving on performance, Mass Markets is a mid-market Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm with the same technology and capabilities as the “big box aka Global BPO’s.” Mass Markets operates exclusively in the United States within the most cost-effective, educated and diverse talent pools.
After 15 years, Mass Markets has extensive experience representing the most recognizable brands and Fortune 500s, executing high-quality business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) interactions across a wide range of industries, products, and verticals.
Follow Mass Markets on Twitter: @MassMarkets

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Las Vegas, Nevada June 27th, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – – (From #CALLCENTERWEEK) David Geiger joins Mass Markets from his current company, CXP: Customer Experience Partners, LLC, a startup company working to build the next generation of mobile cus-tomer care, sales and support products. Prior to CXP, Mr. Geiger was a co-founder and CEO of Center Partners, a mid-market contact center company owned by the advertising and media company WPP.

“It is imperative to hire people with a proven track record of building companies that bring world-class customer experience to a wide array of industries and clients. There are simply no substitutions for authentic competence and experience in these areas and David’s background fits this requirement. He built a $100M+ contact center company, Center Partners, from the bottom up,” said Anthony Marlowe, founder and CEO of Mass Markets.

“Anthony and his team at Mass Markets have an exciting platform in the contact center space along with the ability to execute across the board. I’m pleased to be part of such a dynamic organization. Additionally, knowing that Jason Falco, a past client of mine for several years, holds a significant leadership role at Mass Markets as the company’s COO, leaves me with zero doubt that Mass Markets is a quality company with an incredibly bright future,” says Mr. Geiger.

Mr. Geiger will take on a new, all-encompassing role within Mass Markets to become the company’s Chief Strategy Officer. “We need David to help build our client list, expand our product offerings and add his products to our Any-thing-as-a-Service (XaaS) platform. In addition, his company, Center Partners, was the first BPO to achieve independ-ent J.D. Power certification, and we want to use that background to help shape our overall customer experience deliv-ery,” said Mr. Marlowe.

David’s company, CXP: Customer Experience Partners, LLC, was engaged in building the next generation of mobile customer applications and experiences. The ideas, products, and concepts developed by David at CXP are being incorporated with Mass Markets’ Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) platforms. In his new role David will work closely with Mass Markets’ executives to oversee product development, sales, and marketing and as well as manage portfolio technology companies

An industry veteran, David Geiger was also the co-founder and CEO of Center Partners, an omnichannel contact center owned by WPP, the giant media and advertising firm. As CEO (2003-2013), Center Partners realized outstanding growth with revenue in excess of $100 million. A key provider to the world’s top brands, David’s organization consist-ently delivered a world class customer experience across multiple contact channels and diverse clients. Servicing a wide range of industries including financial services, telecom, insurance, video gaming, internet retail, and cosmet-ics. In his role, David defined the client delivery and end-user customer experience by building exceptional client teams and contact center products that encompassed unique customer experience concepts and programs.

Initially joining Center Partners in 1997 as the Chief Information Officer, David’s early career was focused on information technology where he was responsible for building infrastructure, database systems, and automation platforms. While he has decades of executive experience and acumen, David still enjoys building prototypes and models using current database systems and programming tools.

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Iowa City, IA January 28, 2016 – MASS MARKETS, a leading “Anything-as-a-Service” (XaaS) and domestic contact center business process outsourcing (BPO) company that delivers revolutionary technology and innovative, quality driven customer service solutions using the most advanced technology in the industry announces that Patrick M. Long will join Mass Markets as Executive Vice President and General Counsel.

Starting on January 25, 2016, Mr. Long will oversee all legal matters for the company and serve as the primary legal adviser to the company, including owner and CEO, Anthony Marlowe, COO Jason Falco and the rest of the Mass Markets management team. Additionally, Mr. Long will oversee all public sector business and corporate development including education, local, state, and federal business opportunities.

“We wanted to find a candidate who offered the right balance of legal expertise and leadership skills, and with an understanding of the complexities of the public sector marketplace,” said Anthony Marlowe, CEO of Mass Markets. “I am pleased that the best candidate for the role of Executive Vice President and General Counsel is Patrick Long. With his extensive legal experience, proven government contract success at HP and thorough leadership experience, Patrick is the right leader to help Mass Markets govern through an increasing percentage of XAAS market share.”

Most recently, Mr. Long was responsible for supporting global outsourcing legal operations for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services, a global business and technology subsidiary of the HP Enterprise business unit.

Throughout his thirteen-year employment with HP, Mr. Long held a number of positions, both domestically and internationally, with increasing levels of importance within and without the Legal Department. He is widely recognized as a subject matter expert in risk management, compliance, negotiation, contract operations, domestic government sales, and intellectual property. Mr. Long pioneered many firsts for HP while negotiating over emerging technologies and new methods of communication. He has also helped to negotiate some of the largest service deals in HP’s history.

Prior to working for HP, Mr. Long was an attorney for Compaq Computer Corporation and was in private practice in downtown Chicago focused primarily upon intellectual property matters for information technology startups.

Mr. Long received his law degree from Loyola University School of Law in Chicago and his Bachelor of Arts undergraduate degree from Boston College. Mr. Long is married with one child and lives in Evanston, Illinois.

“I am energized to be returning to my legal roots and look forward to working with my fellow employees in putting my years of enterprise experience to good work for the Company in this strategic role,” said Patrick Long. “While recognizing that Mass Markets has more than a decade’s record of success in servicing enterprise clients, I believe I have much to offer the Company and am excited at the wonderful opportunity to lead the government and legal areas. I will do my utmost to help Mass Markets innovate and grow with great integrity and success. We are going to accomplish great achievements!”

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SPEARFISH, SOUTH DAKOTA (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 12, 2015 – On Tuesday, November 10th, Mayor Dana Boke (R-Spearfish); City Administrator Joe Neeb; President Jeremy Hoven of the Spearfish Economic Development Corporation (EDC); Jeff Haverly of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development; and Jonathan Englund, Manager at the Dept. of Labor; all joined the community to celebrate Mass Markets’ move into its new facility in Spearfish, as well as the company’s commitment to hire locally, with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

“Our first priority was to make sure each individual felt safe, had peace of mind, and that you were taken care of,” said Mayor Dana Boke.

Anthony Marlowe is CEO of Mass Markets and founder/principal of Iowa City Capital Partners, LC. In 2003, Marlowe co-founded the well-known call center industry Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, TMone, and served as its President until it was successfully sold in 2013. On October 1, 2015, Marlowe repurchased the company, renaming it Mass Markets. The new name, Marlowe said, reflects the expanding capabilities that will transform the company to an Anything-as-a-Service (XAAS) provider.

“A very unique opportunity arose to repurchase TMone, the company I co-founded more than a decade ago, and I could not pass that up,” said Marlowe. “This was not just a business opportunity – it was the chance to come home. I am incredibly grateful to be here, back in the great City of Spearfish where old school community values have never gone away.”

During the ribbon cutting ceremony, Marlowe announced that Mass Markets is expecting to hire more than 100 additional local residents over the next couple months to fill the site across multiple programs and shifts.

“It has been a long road since Storm Atlas collapsed the old building two years ago,” said Marlowe. “The City of Spearfish rebuilt this beautiful (Atlas) building, so we here at Mass Markets are committed to doing all we can to give back to the people of this community.”

Stephanie Salazar, Executive Director at the Spearfish Economic Development Corporation, touted Marlowe’s commitment to give back to the residents of Spearfish.

“We would like to thank Anthony and the entire Mass Markets team for their significant commitment to give back to the Spearfish community,” said Salazar. “By choosing to invest in Spearfish and hiring locally, Mass Markets serves as a prime example of the ideal community business. I look forward to working with Mass Markets for many years to come.”

After Winter Storm Atlas devastated South Dakota and TMone’s building back in 2013, South Dakota Network Communications (SDN) provided TMone, now known as Mass Markets, with an emergency fiber optic Internet connection in just a few days, which was instrumental in servicing Mass Market’s Fortune 500 clientele.

“Trucks were rolled from across the State, and the service was provisioned in record and heroic time. The City stepped up with the space,” Marlowe said. “The staff was committed to helping us set up over the weekend, but in a digital age without a massive internet pipe you are in the woods.”

As a means of thanking SDN Communications for their swift response and superior service following Storm Atlas, Marlowe took a moment to honor SDN’s CEO, Mark Shlanta, at this afternoon’s ribbon cutting ceremony.

“We wanted to simply thank and recognize SDN, and their CEO Mark Shlanta, for their heroic accomplishment, and for being a superior supplier,” Marlowe said. “When the community needed service the most, SDN did an emergency install/provision of an asset and service that usually takes months – not days. We are forever grateful to SDN and look forward to working with them for years to come.”

“We strive to do whatever it takes to bring services to our customers in as timely a manner as possible,” said Dan Gabrielson, Network Account Executive at SDN, who attended the ribbon cutting ceremony on behalf of SDN. “You’ve got an amazing team in place. We are proud to be partners with you and wish you well in this new building and your new endeavors.”

Renee Deaton, Director of Vendor Management at Time Warner Cable, also spoke at the ceremony about the partnership with Mass Markets, stating, “Why would you not want to partner with a company who makes it a priority to be back up and running within a week? The way that the community pulled together for something that should have taken months in just a few days was amazing.”

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SPEARFISH – Mass Markets held its grand opening Thursday night, in its new facility in Spearfish. Senior Director of Operations Catrina Rodgers said the facility has 132 workstations. The facility is scheduled to open Nov. 2, and Rodgers said there are currently 85 employees at Mass Markets, with another 100 employees scheduled to be hired. Rodgers said more than 200 people attended Thursday night’s grand opening. The move to the new building is a return to the site where TMone previously conducted business. But in October 2013, winter storm Atlas flattened much of the building under four feet of snow. The city of Spearfish, which owned the building, approved a maximum rebuild price of about $5.8 million and used Ainsworth-Benning Construction, Inc., as the construction manager at risk (CMAR), a process that combines the design, engineering, and cost estimates into one process. The company recently completed construction on the building. Mass Markets will use about one quarter of the building. The remaining space is vacant awaiting more businesses to sign a lease with the city.

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