Integrated  Software and Professional Services

Create and analyze quality customer interactions using integrated software and professionally managed services


Support and Enable quality Customer Interactions

Cloud-Hosted IVR, Blended Predictive Dialer, Reporting and Analytics, Market Research and Raw Polling Software, IT Professional Services

Proven Contact Center Software paired with Professionally Managed Services

Amplify and Understand the Effects of Quality Customer Interactions


Integrated contact center software delivered as-a-service, Automated Market Research Software, Cloud-Hosted Enhanced Blended Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and Blended Predictive Dialer and many of the software solutions that enable stronger interactions between company and customer. These proven systems have supported over 200,000,000 calls for clients ranging from Fortune 500 to political organizations.


Optimize customer interactions by utilizing professionally managed services such as IT Services, Reporting and Analytics, Predictive Dialer Managed Services, Custom Software Development, and Software Support. Our team ensures that all integrated technologies are effective, data-driven, and deliver actionable information. We understand that each client program is unique and demands custom software, reporting, and analysis in order to maximize the outcome of each customer interaction. Mass Markets is a proven leader in business and consumer outbound projects and offers a comprehensive array of outbound customer contact center services. 




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contact center software & professional services


Reporting & Analytics

Collect, interpret and report data for actionable results.

blended predictive dialer

Maximize outbound call efficiency using advanced prediction technology.

Cloud-hosted enhanced ivr

Reliably manage inbound calls with maximum efficiency.

Integration Services

Seamless integation of technology and services.

Big database management & Processing Software (BDaas)

Retain and engage your database of information.

Market Research & Raw Polling Software

Generate custom primary research for deeper market insight.

Custom software develoment

Personalize your contact center software.

Enterprise Resourse Planning

Integrate processes across business functions.



Learn how our B2B solutions help businesses cost-effectively support high-value interactions.

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Find out how our B2C solutions help businesses efficiently acquire and retain customers.

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The Mass Markets Advantage

Custom Software & Professional Services

Our expert team is has proven ability to diagnose client needs and deliver high performing and deeply insightful contact center software (SaaS). This, combined with a variety of professionally managed services, enables profoundly more efficient and effective contact center solutions.

Tech-Enabled Services

We pride ourselves on fielding advanced technology infrastructure for our outbound projects including integrated omnichannel capabilities, reporting, and platform integrations, advanced CRM and contact center platform functionality, integrated knowledge library and dynamic scripting, and real-time remote access dashboard reporting for our customers.

Database Strategy & Analysis

We have a robust suite of databases analysis services and experience designing direct marketing and list penetration strategies that improve customer contacts while facilitating efficient sales and lead conversion.  Our contact strategies are high-impact help create consistent, predictable, and sustainable program results.


We identify and hire the right agent and management to support our outbound projects.  Our outbound agents are selected based on a robust pre-employment screening process and selectively matched to ensure we have the best agent profile for each specific project.  Our outbound management team consists of subject matter experts customer experience and outbound project best practices.


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