Las Vegas, Nevada June 27th, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – – (From #CALLCENTERWEEK) David Geiger joins Mass Markets from his current company, CXP: Customer Experience Partners, LLC, a startup company working to build the next generation of mobile cus-tomer care, sales and support products. Prior to CXP, Mr. Geiger was a co-founder and CEO of Center Partners, a mid-market contact center company owned by the advertising and media company WPP.

“It is imperative to hire people with a proven track record of building companies that bring world-class customer experience to a wide array of industries and clients. There are simply no substitutions for authentic competence and experience in these areas and David’s background fits this requirement. He built a $100M+ contact center company, Center Partners, from the bottom up,” said Anthony Marlowe, founder and CEO of Mass Markets.

“Anthony and his team at Mass Markets have an exciting platform in the contact center space along with the ability to execute across the board. I’m pleased to be part of such a dynamic organization. Additionally, knowing that Jason Falco, a past client of mine for several years, holds a significant leadership role at Mass Markets as the company’s COO, leaves me with zero doubt that Mass Markets is a quality company with an incredibly bright future,” says Mr. Geiger.

Mr. Geiger will take on a new, all-encompassing role within Mass Markets to become the company’s Chief Strategy Officer. “We need David to help build our client list, expand our product offerings and add his products to our Any-thing-as-a-Service (XaaS) platform. In addition, his company, Center Partners, was the first BPO to achieve independ-ent J.D. Power certification, and we want to use that background to help shape our overall customer experience deliv-ery,” said Mr. Marlowe.

David’s company, CXP: Customer Experience Partners, LLC, was engaged in building the next generation of mobile customer applications and experiences. The ideas, products, and concepts developed by David at CXP are being incorporated with Mass Markets’ Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) platforms. In his new role David will work closely with Mass Markets’ executives to oversee product development, sales, and marketing and as well as manage portfolio technology companies

An industry veteran, David Geiger was also the co-founder and CEO of Center Partners, an omnichannel contact center owned by WPP, the giant media and advertising firm. As CEO (2003-2013), Center Partners realized outstanding growth with revenue in excess of $100 million. A key provider to the world’s top brands, David’s organization consist-ently delivered a world class customer experience across multiple contact channels and diverse clients. Servicing a wide range of industries including financial services, telecom, insurance, video gaming, internet retail, and cosmet-ics. In his role, David defined the client delivery and end-user customer experience by building exceptional client teams and contact center products that encompassed unique customer experience concepts and programs.

Initially joining Center Partners in 1997 as the Chief Information Officer, David’s early career was focused on information technology where he was responsible for building infrastructure, database systems, and automation platforms. While he has decades of executive experience and acumen, David still enjoys building prototypes and models using current database systems and programming tools.




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