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B2C Solutions

Preferred BPO Supplier

Our B2C solutions are designed to ensure interactions achieve best-in-class customer experience and performance. Consumer programs are fully supported through technology, back-office and demand generation strategies.


Mass Markets’ Business-To-Customer (B2C) Support Services are leading the industry in domestic Business Process Outsourcing by providing tech-enabled Inbound Customer Service and Outbound Sales to some of the most recognized brands in the world.

We Take Results Seriously

Through diversity and teamwork, the Mass Markets team presents a passionate and pragmatic approach to balancing challenging business process outsourcing. While we take our clients’ business results seriously, we also enjoy what we do, which shows in our proactive, improvement-focused support for our clients.

Enhance Your Sales Force

Mass Markets B2C outbound call center campaigns can enhance your existing call representative force or we can serve as your own dedicated outbound lead generation/telesales team. Mass Markets call representatives read from scripts that are written by you, custom to your type of business, so you can feel comfortable knowing you are always represented the way you want. Don’t have time to write your own script? We got your back! Mass Markets skilled and experienced outbound management team can help create a customized script that outlines your key selling points. What are you waiting for? Click Here to begin.


With Mass Markets call center outsourcing; you’ll boost your sales resources without adding more staff and increasing overhead. Mass Markets will manage a scalable team of talented sales professionals who focus only on telesales. Partner with Mass Markets for B2C Lead Generation and/or outbound telesales. The industries top provider of outsourced call center services across the customer account lifecycle.


Overnight, Mass Markets can deploy an unrivaled team of call center representatives with the education, motivation and business savvy to sell your products and services at the highest level of professionalism. Let Mass Market’s tech-enabled call center capabilities help you realize your company’s full market potential. Contact Us today for more information or to receive a quote for B2C OB/IB Services.


We have a track record of delivering results on a variety of projects including complex B2B customer service selling and 24/7 technical support. Our B2B experience spans multiple industries and includes multiple high profile clients with demanding service level and seasonal staffing requirements. We recognize that every B2B project is unique and develop custom solutions that consistently achieved leading results for all the clients we service.